3.8 Inch ForageEQ 1
ForageEQ™ pellets from Pellet Technology USA are made from an abundant and renewable fiber source that is replenished each year.  
Standardized to a specific median fiber length and pellet hardness to help you dial-in feed intake, improve digestibility and develop more consistent performance in your livestock.
ForageEQ  helps you re-think the way you hay.

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What Makes ForageEQ Different?

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

You may be familiar with the industry attempts to transform excess agricultural residue into a  consistent feed for livestock. You may have even tried it in the past only to be disappointed by the spotty results and mountains of labor required on your part to test the stuff.   ForageEQ™ is different  because Pellet Technology USA had taken the pain out of  feeding fiber!   It is sourced locally, processed centrally, shipped affordably, fed easily and performs great as a hay replacer.

What if you could …
multiply your existing hay storage by 400%?
reduce labor, handling, shrink and shipping costs today?
improve the consistency of your finished livestock?
make life easier all around?
… would you try something new?

A feedyard with growing cattle eating a total-mixed-ration using ForageEQ™ pellets as the fiber source.
A feedyard with growing cattle eating a total-mixed-ration using ForageEQ™ pellets as the fiber source.

What you see is what you get.   ForageEQ is made without any binders, fillers or additives, just the natural  fiber combined with our natural energy enhancement process sourced from each of our participating farmer’s fields that we then slice, dice and densify.


“I was surprised at how well the manure was stacking up.”

– One of our feed customers in Iowa


“It takes the work out of feeding roughage to cattle.”

– Ki Fanning, Ph.D., PAS., Livestock Nutritionist


“A revolutionary product that will benefit many species! “

– Dr. William Sadler, Animal Industry and Natural Feed Ingredient Expert



How much time and money can this save me?

No more harvesting, no more grinding, less waste, less labor, better shelf-life and ForageEQ™ takes up less space due to a higher bulk density.


How is ForageEQ™ any different than my current forage?

It feeds better, easier, more efficiently and is more cost effective based on animal performance. 


What is the fiber source?

ForageEQ™ has been made with many different kinds of sustainably harvested, renewable biomass. Currently, due to the great abundance, corn stover is being used to manufacture ForageEQ™ pellets.


What particle size is the fiber ground to?

Schools of thought regarding effective fiber have led us to the particle size of 3/8” as being the most versatile and valuable fiber length to enhance rumen motility as well as buffer and enhance digestive processes.


How do these pellets fit into my current ration?

ForageEQ™ pellets are designed to be a forage equivalent product. Meaning that in most cases, ForageEQ™ can replace your forage requirements  ~85%. Consulting your nutritionist about this switch is recommended.


How can these be fed?

Load  ForageEQ™ into your feed wagon instead of a standard ground forage product, let it mix and pour into the bunk.


How much should I feed per day?

Recommended feeding rate is 2-6 pounds per head per day. This number can vary based on the rest of the ration. It is advised that you consult your nutritionist to figure out the number that will work best for your operation.


What is the RFV of this product?

The RFV of ForageEQ™ is ~75. This number is calculated from the ADF and NDF of the pellets.


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